Day 363

28. december 2012 at 20:39 | Lousie Jones |  L-366

2013 wishes - complete

vyplněno. v celém článku bude seznam napsaný, protože to nejde přečít.

  1. Smile more.
  2. Do more stupid things.
  3. Get good grades.
  4. Enjo live.
  5. Go on a roadtrip.
  6. Learn to believe in myself.
  7. Don't care what other people think.
  8. Travel to London.
  9. See my bestie again.
  10. Do great in school.
  11. be closer to my family
  12. be happy with how I look
  13. lose weight
  14. have a perfect first date (nesmějte se miii)
  15. get a nose piercing (marná snaha haha)
  16. Defeat my negative thoughts
  17. own Wreck This Journal
  18. Have my first kiss (nesmějte se, fakt)
  19. have my first boyfriend (kdo je teď na podlaze?)
  20. make it all better than last year
  21. feel like I'm enough
  22. feel ok again
  23. go to every concert I want
  24. go to My Chemical Romance concert
  25. eat less candy
  26. fing out who I am
  27. have a lot of clotes
  28. have a wonderful dream come true
  29. live, not just survive.
  30. turn ideas into action.
  31. Be myself.
  32. Save money.
  33. Travel more.
  34. Be more creative.
  35. Be loved back.
  36. Believe in myself.
  37. be more fit
  38. get my live together
  39. sing more
  40. make more youtube videos
  41. see a lot of movies
  42. Learn the spells from Harry Potter. (letos to konečně zvládnu!)
  43. Try yoga.
  44. Learn how to knit.
  45. Put mentos in diet coke.
  46. Buy a lot of CDs
  47. Know the alphabet backwards (problém, že si ji vlastně ani moc nepamatuju normálně, haha)
  48. see more serials
  49. be more organized.
  50. BE HAPPY.

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1 Anča ^_^ Anča ^_^ | Email | Web | 28. december 2012 at 22:34 | React

Number 50 it'sbeauty :3 and thanks ^^

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